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It looks like even evil reconquistas don't care much for Olmos:

From "News Digest - Aztlan"

New York (January 6, 2000) -- Latinos have been left out from a NBC pact with minorities to increase diversity on television. Executives from NBC shook hands with the NAACP and agreed to increase the number minorities in both the creative and business ranks at the network. Esteban Torres, a spokesman for the National Latino Council and a former Democratic congressman from Whittier, said he felt betrayed by the deal. Felix Sanchez, president of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, said the NAACP-NBC agreement is alarmingly devoid of priorities set by Latino leaders. "The visualization and image of the Latinos and Latino stories is absent in network television," Sanchez said. "You cannot underestimate the enormous impact that the visual image has on the national consciousness of America. And when we're virtually absent from those images, we're left to segregated images for the nation to perceive and internalize." While most of the Latino advocacy groups were incensed by NBC's announcement Wednesday, Latino producer, director and actor Edward James Olmos said he was pleased. This may be because Olmos got a fat contract by Spielburg of Dreamworks for a part in the controversial Road to El Dorado. The cartoon flic in which Olmos provides the voice of a character, is full of historical errors and depicts our indigenous ancestors as a bunch of "tontos" who bow down and worship the white Spanish conquistadores.