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Fox Gov't Looks to Migrant Workers for Multiplier Effect

Infolatina S.A. de C.V. - December 26, 2000

MEXICO CITY, Dec 26, 2000 (Reforma/Infolatina via COMTEX) -- Juan Hernandez, head of Mexico's Office for Attention to Migrants Abroad, is charged with encouraging and overseeing the flow of dollars sent home by Mexican expatriate workers. "We support all forms of business expatriates seek to conduct in Mexico so that their foreign earnings have a multiplier effect," Hernandez said. During President Vicente Fox's term as governor of the state of Guanajuato, he said, three assembly-for-export companies were established with joint funding from expatriate workers and the state government. According to official estimates, the roughly 8.5 million Mexican citizens who live and work temporarily or permanently in the United States send home 7 billion dollars, or 67.55 billion pesos, per year. Hernandez said the government over the next several months will seek to establish agreements with money-transfer companies aimed at guaranteeing provision of faster, safer and cheaper services.

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