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Immigration News Updates
Friday, November 9, 2012 -- 2:15 PM PST

Mark Levin -- Real Clear Politics
Levin: Krauthammer, GOP Pundits Embarrassing Themselves On Immigration
ark Levin responds to calls from conservative commentators, like Charles Krauthammer, to grant amnesty to illegal immigration in order to entice Hispanics to vote Republican. Levin explains why this won't work and what a slippery slope amnesty would be. (Mark Levin Show, November 8, 2012)...
TSA Opt Out Week Coming!!
This Thanksgiving, is giving thanks for the First Amendment, by getting back in the faces of those who are attempting to abuse their authority to silence free speech and in turn conceal flagrant abuses of our rights and our basic dignity — with the launch of the national Opt Out and Film campaign....

Heather MacDonald -- National Review
Why Hispanics Don’t Vote for Republicans
The call for Republicans to discard their opposition to immigration amnesty will grow deafening in the wake of President Obama’s victory. Hispanics supported Obama by a margin of nearly 75 percent to 25 percent, and may have provided important margins in some swing states. If only Republicans relented on their Neanderthal views regarding the immigration rule of law, the message will run, they would release the inner Republican waiting to emerge in the Hispanic population.  

Liz Goodwin -- Yahoo! News
"Bonehead' Boehner, RINO Hannity go soft on invaders
Well, that was fast. -- Just two days after President Barack Obama won a second term, boosted by more than 70 percent of the Latino vote, some Republicans are striking a new tone on illegal immigration. -- Conservative Fox News and radio host Sean Hannity said Thursday that his views on immigration have "evolved." Hannity continued...

Washington Examiner
95% of blacks say Feds should provide them jobs
Providing an 11th hour clue to how blacks will vote on the presidential stage, 95 percent of African Americans believe that the federal government should be the nation's jobs creator, according to a last-minute battleground poll. -- The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People released their poll on Election Day to show that jobs, and blacks' preference for a "national jobs program," is the number one issue. Next, but way down the list of importance, was education at 23 percent and health care at 22 percent.

Fox News
O'Reilly: "The white establishment is now the minority"
Video report

D.A. King — Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal
Amnesty again’ wrong answer for GOP in 2016

Mitt Romney’s loss has the establishment GOP — including in Georgia — scratching its head, wringing its hands and chattering semi-coherently with advice about how to retake the White House from the socialists. The “conservative” consternation comes with a predictable, disproven and suicidal scheme as a solution: Another amnesty for illegals. The promised result? “More of the Hispanic vote.”

Criminal Invaders
Bend Over..... Here's the Change the Sheeple Wanted
Business closings and mass layoffs galore in the wake of Comrade O's re-election... [Related item from Kerry Picket]

KPHO-TV -- Phoenix
Load vehicle bail-out has invaders fleeing everywhere
Nine suspected undocumented immigrants who bailed out of a vehicle north of Phoenix are in custody after a two-day search, Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies said. -- Sheriff's deputies initiated a traffic stop Wednesday night on a vehicle on I-17 north of Pioneer Road. -- Between eight to 10 occupants fled on foot into a neighborhood. MCSO set up a perimeter and with the use of the sheriff's helicopter and K-9 units, deputies located three suspects. One was hiding in a backyard of a residence, the others were hiding in a wash. After about an hour, the search was called off with no other leads... -- White Plains, NY
Comrade O may get GOP help in destroying the United States
President Obama has said an immigration deal may be get-able after the election because Republicans would want to improve their position with Hispanic voters -- and there are already signs this may be happening. -- Two prominent conservatives -- radio host Sean Hannity and columnist Charles Krauthammer -- are advocating an immigration bill that would include both tighter border security and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who are already here -- i.e., something close to Obama's position.

Baltimore Sun
Usual suspects toss tantrum at White House demanding amnesty
Hoping to build on their success in Maryland, about 200 immigration advocates rallied in front of the White House on Thursday in support of a comprehensive overhaul of U.S. immigration policy. -- The effort to revive a national conversation about immigration follows an election in which Latino voters helped pushed Obama to victory in battleground states like Colorado and Nevada...

Santorum caving in to invaders
Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum charged Thursday that President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party held off on immigration reform so they could capitalize politically during the election. -- “It did not get done, in my opinion, by this president because he wanted this as an issue,” Santorum said on Fox News’s “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.” “I don’t believe the Democrats are at all sincere about doing anything and compromising with Republicans on immigration.”

National Journal
Neocon windbag Rice spouts off on invaders
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is the latest Republican to recommend changes to the party, saying on Friday that the GOP needs to appeal to a broader portion of the electorate moving forward. -- Rice said on CBS’s This Morning that many key GOP issues are broadly popular – fiscal responsibility and a strong national defense, for instance – but the Party is losing “important segments of the electorate” because it has not adjusted to changing demographics...

Daily Caller
Obnoxious reconquistas demand amnesty for millions of invaders
Hispanic amnesty activists are expanding their goals beyond the so-called “DREAM Act” youth amnesty, towards a national amnesty for roughly 11 million Hispanic illegals. -- President Barack Obama and Congress “need to come together to deliver change on immigration policy, and by that we mean...

Daily Caller
Rep. John Fleming publicly rebukes Boehner: Don’t make promises to national media without talking to us first
Louisiana Republican Rep. John Fleming issued a statement late Thursday rebuking Speaker of the House John Boehner for making promises to the national news media without first discussing the pledges with fellow House Republicans. -- In an interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer on Thursday, Boehner promised that Republicans in Congress next year would focus primarily on developing a “comprehensive approach” to immigration reform, as well as on searching for new revenues for the federal government.
Victorious Joe Arpaio wants to meet with Latinos?
Joe Arpaio is known as the “Toughest Sheriff in America” for his hard stance on crime and undocumented immigrants in Maricopa County, Arizona. He has been investigated by the US Department of Justice for discrimination and supposed misconduct, although he denies the accusations. -- Joe Arpaio, 80, has been serving as sheriff of Maricopa County for over two decades. Arpaio, a Republican, was reelected to a sixth term on Tuesday, although there are still ballots to be counted. (Challenger Democrat Paul Penzone already conceded defeat, with Arpaio carrying 53 percent of the vote).

David Codrea -- The Examiner
Stolen gun report a sign of things to come from Obama’s second term
A report released yesterday by the Bureau of Justice Statistics in Washington claims “About 1.4 million firearms were stolen during household burglaries and other property crimes over the six-year period from 2005 through 2010. -- “Of the guns stolen each year during burglaries and other property crimes, at least 80 percent, or an annual average of 186,800 firearms, had not been recovered up to six months after being stolen,” the BJS press release states.

The Blaze
Hannity finally gets some press
Despite nearly always leading in cable news ratings during the 9 p.m. hour, Fox News’Sean Hannity gets very little attention from press outside of conservative media. Every now and again a guest on his show says something that makes headlines but Hannity himself, as a personality, is largely ignored. -- The reason: He’s predictable. Hannity’s loyal audience loves it but there’s nothing newsworthy about saying the same thing over and over (Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, “Obama media,” etc.)... [Related item]

Sean Trende -- Real Clear Politics
The Case of the Missing White Voters
One of the more intriguing narratives for election 2012 was proposed by political scientist Brendan Nyhan fairly early on: that it was "Bizarro 2004." The parallels to that year certainly were eerie: An incumbent adored by his base but with middling approval ratings nationally faces off against an uncharismatic, wishy-washy official from Massachusetts. The race is tight during the summer until the president breaks open a significant lead after his convention. Then, after a tepid first debate for the incumbent, the contest tightens, bringing the opposition tantalizingly close to a win, but not quite close enough.

Washington Times Editorial
Gun ban back on Obama’s agenda
That didn’t take long. Less than a day after President Obama’s re-election, the administration breathed new life into the United Nations‘ previously comatose treaty regulating guns. -- Last July, the U.N. General Assembly began formal discussion of the Arms Trade Treaty, which seeks to establish “common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms.” Talks on the controversial agreement were put on indefinite hiatus after the United States requested an extension to the time allotted to negotiate the agreement...