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Obama Regime dispatching Bersin to Arizona next week for damage control

April 25, 2011 - 0035 CDT

On April 15, 2011, The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) testified before a joint Congressional committee hearing of The Natural Resources Committee and The Government Oversight Committee in Washington, D.C.  
Above is one of the written submissions from the Congressional Record.  Attached is a transcript of the oral testimony to the same committee.
Yesterday, April 22, 2011, The Chief of the Border Patrol from Washington DC Michael Fischer and The Chief of the Tucson Sector of the Border Patrol Randy Hill were in Cochise County attempting to quell any further release of information concerning Customs and Border Protection intentionally reporting false statistics about aliens that have gotten away and agents being ordered to not work certain high traffic areas of the U.S. Mexico border.  The information is true, that is why they are seeking to quell further discussion about it.
Additionally, this coming week Commissioner Bersin from Customs and Border Protection is coming to visit Cochise County.  Purpose of the visit may be to further deny that his organization is intentionally reporting false information to Congress and advising agents to not work certain high traffic areas along the U.S. Mexico border, specifically some areas in Cochise County Arizona.  Both issues allow illegal aliens to enter the United States unnoticed and further compromise National Security and Public Safety.
Specifically, agents are told to stay out of the Whetstone and Chiricahua corridors.  Moreover, The Huachuca Mountains are home to the U.S. Army Top Secret Intelligence School.  Agents are being told to not pursue illegal aliens passing through the Huachuca Mountains.
As for reporting false information about alien got-a-ways.  Agents are told in essence not to report any got-a-ways.  Aliens are either apprehended or turned back south (TBS).  For infrared camera operator observes a group of 30 aliens walking around the Border Patrol Checkpoint on Highway 90 north of Huachuca City.  He calls in mobile agents that apprehend 7 of the 30 aliens.  According to outstanding instructions he is supposed to report 7 apprehensions and 23 TBS or turned back south.  The truth is, those were 23 got-a-ways that continued their journey into the United States.  This is called cooking the books because those 23 did not return to Mexico and the reporting officer knows it.
The further truth is that Customs and Border Protection should know that at many stations in the Tucson Sector, on an average good day they apprehend no more than ten percent of what is coming through and on a bad day less than five percent of what is coming through.  Certainly not what is presently claimed.
Ask Mr. Bersin the hard questions.  Americans are tired of being lied to.
Zack Taylor,

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