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La Voz de Aztlan
Los Angeles, Alta California
January 3, 2001 (20:54 PST)

Bush Appoints a Malinchista as Labor Secretary

Mothers...don't let your daughters grow up to be like Linda Chavez-Gersten!

by Hector Carreon
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - (January 3, 2001)

It is no secret that La Raza despises Linda Chavez-Gersten! No woman, other than perhaps Gloria Matta Tuchman, generates so much disgust in our community than this extraordinary malinchista. Like the brutish Jewish female Kapos at Auschwitz who received special favors for sleeping with their Nazi masters, Mrs. Chavez-Gersten will now be unleashed to squash any legitimate calls for better working conditions for our hard working Latino labor force.

This pattern of appointing and empowering malinchistas within our community by those who rule through the two party dictatorship is becoming all too common. With very few exceptions, all of the women of Mexican descent who have been promoted to national prominence have married either Jews if they are Democrats or Anglos if they are Republicans. Linda Chavez is no exception. She is married to Christopher Gersten and prides herself of having an "non-Hispanic" mother and a "Spanish" father who was allegedly a World War II hero from New Mexico. If she is Mrs. Linda Gersten why is she still using her maiden name of Linda Chavez (or Shayviz as she pronounced it during her Senate campaign in Maryland)? Who is she trying to fool? It is no wonder that a group of Chicano students ran her off campus during a commencement ceremony in 1991 at the University of Northern Colorado.

It is interesting to note that "malinchismo" is more predominate in our Mexican-American community than in the Black or other minority communities in the United States. It is true that Blacks have their "Uncle Toms" like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and their "House Niggers" like UC Regent Ward Connerly but most of these are of the male gender. I am hard put to think of a Black "vendida" of prominence in modern American public life but I can presently count at least five female "brown anglos" today who have been empowered politically and who are doing great damage to our community. Perhaps "malinchismo" is our own unique curse? Whatever happened to the "Adelitas" and the "Valentinas" of yester-year who fought side by side with our "soldados?"

As La Raza, we can expect nothing but betrayal from Linda Chavez-Gersten! Her entire history in public life has been one of treason against the ethnic group she professes to belong. She was chosen by powerful bigots to head a group called US English that pushed to dismantle Spanish/English bilingual programs in public education and to eliminate bilingual ballots and voting instructions. She was vehemently anti-affirmative action while a Ronald Reagan appointee to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission and has opposed civil rights for ethnic and racial minorities at every turn during her career.

As Labor Secretary she will move steadfastly to relegate Latinos as working slaves for corporate America and the large agricultural and industrial conglomerates and at the same time she will work to maintain the economic privileges of whites. Make no mistake about it, that is why Bush appointed her. That way Bush can say ... It is one of yours doing it to you and don't come to me!

After all, what can we expect from a "coconut" that says that Maggie Thatcher and Ronald Reagan are her heroes and, to quote her in verbatim, that; "George Washington is my hero. The fact that my father's family was off in New Mexico and their allegiance was, at that time, to Spain, not to England and they didn't fight in the Revolutionary War, should not in any way diminish the fact that George Washington is my forefather."

What are we to do with women such as Linda Chavez-Gersten and many others of her kind that betray La Raza for favors from the enemy? While many of our male political leaders such as Ramsey Muniz of La Raza Unida Party and countless Latino youths languish in the prison dungeons of America, the two-party dictatorship is empowering what amounts to a Latino Judenrat. This is a dilema that we must resolve soon before we loose entire new generations of our youth to a life behind bars, to the streets or a life of bleak existance in the poorly paid labor force.