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Letter to the Sacramento Bee

Re: "Immigrant rights put fence-straddling Davis on the spot"
Dan Walters, April 3, 2001

Two specific issues will soon put Gov. Gray Davis on the spot again.

AB 60 would allow illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses, which are a gateway document that opens the door for employment and benefits, and can be used to obtain other official documents.

AB 540 would grant illegal aliens access to public colleges with the same low costs charged to California residents, and could result in American students losing seats to illegal alien students. This bill is a good example of California taxpayers being asked to subsidize illegal immigration.

What is disturbing about these two bills reaching the governor's desk is that legislators in the Transportation and Education committees don't seem to acknowledge that people are breaking federal law by entering the U.S. illegally. It is a misdemeanor the first time and a felony thereafter. And then to reward them for their criminal behavior with the privilege to drive and attend college at the taxpayers' expense is dumbfounding.

Davis should veto these two ill-conceived bills.

--Terry Moss, Roseville

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