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This letter was published in the Tri-State News (Sioux Falls, SD) on December 29, 2001.


Why Tom? Why aren't you representing South Dakota?

To the editor: Why Tom?

Why did you meet with President Fox of Mexico and talk about giving a free pass into the United States to all the illegal Mexican immigrants living here? Are illegal Mexican immigrants better than other illegal immigrants? What about those immigrants who have been playing by the rules? Are they stupid for trying to enter our country legally? How are you representing South Dakota in this matter, or are you starting to make plans for a 2004 presidential race?

What are you doing by putting roadblocks in front of any economic stimulus package presented by the president? Why are you and other Democrats calling our present recession the Bush Recession when it started last March under the Clinton administration? Are you making sure that the recession lasts until 2002 so that the Democrats can regain the House and Senate?

Why are you holding back on approving President Bush's executive and judicial appointments, but at the same time disapproving President Bush's idea of wanting to bring terrorists before a military tribunal? Are the trial lawyers, who would lose business, upset? Who will be trying them - you? Or do you plan on just giving them a free pass to stay in the United States also?

Why are you refusing to at least put a temporary ban on cloning human embryos? Once scientists start down this slippery path, do you really think you can stop them from breeding babies for spare parts? By supporting the death of babies for convenience, for the financial or emotional well being of the mother, and - God forbid! - for the possible harvesting of body parts, do you really think you will be representing the values of the majority of South Dakotans?

Tom! Why are you representing illegal Mexican immigrants? Why are you representing scientists and others who want to end a human life and possibly even clone babies to sell body parts? Why are you representing the view of your party and its special interests? Why aren't you representing the views and values of the people of South Dakota who elected you to office? The people of South Dakota want to know. Why Tom? n

- Joseph L. Pengitore

Corsica, S.D.