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México City, November 6, 2000.

Crucial U.S. Elections just around the corner

The United States will elect a new president on Tuesday in an election which could very well be determined with a flip of a coin because there appears to be no clear-cut candidate.

According to some polls Democratic presidential candidate Vice President Albert Gore has a slights edge over his Republican opponent, Texas Gov. George Bush Jr.

Many Mexicans see the election as crucial for future bilateral relations between Mexico and the United States.

Nowadays we talk about friendly relations although there are some wrinkles yet to be ironed out, such as the U.S. drug certification policy and immigration problem which is blamed for more than 400 deaths this year among immigrants trying to enter the United States illegally.

Bush's gubernatorial term proved positive for Mexico, but President Bill Clinton's administration undoubtedly has been among the most productive for us. It must be recalled that Clinton administration quickly came to Mexico's rescue after the 1995 economic crisis that sent the peso into a tailspin.

Whatever the result may be in Tuesday's election, Mexico will have to brace for tension relations because Fox, in his own personal way, will stress his demands to whoever reaches the U.S. presidency.

The winner of Tuesday's U.S. presidential election will be faced with immigration, trade, drug trafficking and other issues.

We only hope that whoever wins will move toward tighter bilateral relations that for obvious reason are delicate and complicated.