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March 29, 2001

La Raza and Jews on Collision Course in Alta California

There are now significant signs of an impending collision between La Raza and Jews in California. The signs were first manifested during the state's 1998 election primary when a Mexicano defeated the Jewish candidate Richard Katz in the state's 20th Senate District and when the wealthy Jew, Ron Unz, was successful in having an anti-bilingual education initiative approved by the state's electorate. The battle lines between Mexicanos and Jews in California have been drawn and they have been drawn most clearly in the City of Los Angeles.

La Raza's battle for the 20th Senate District is a perfect example of how the Jews will fight tooth and nail to maintain their dominance in state government. The victorious battle by La Raza in the 20th S.D., which is located in the middle of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, was only a small skirmish of a larger battle that is about to occur as we seek more equitable proportional representation in state and local governments.

The Jews of California, about 3% of the state's population, have an overwhelming and disproportionate share of the state's wealth which they utilize effectively to wield immense influence on the state's political apparatus principally through dominance of the Democratic Party. Both U.S Senators of the state are ladies of Jewish descent and there is no sector of California society, either private or public, in which Jews are not significant policy makers. Whatever sector they can not control directly, they will do it indirectly through the purchase of influence and through cunning manipulation of ethnic and other minorities.

La Raza's victory in the 20th Senate District has been a turning point in the relationship between Mexicanos and Jews. It was the very first time that a significant clash for political control, at the state level, has taken place between the two ethnic groups.

Political representation in Los Angeles County is presently determined along racial and ethnic lines. For example, the Congressional Delegation of the county is presently divided between Mexicanos, Afro-Americans, Jews and Whites. There are four Congresspersons of Mexican descent (Becerra, Solis, Roybal, Napolitano) , three of African descent, two of Jewish descent (Waxman, Berman) and the rest are Whites. They each represent districts where the majority of the population are of the same racial or ethnic group as they are. The same is true with state assembly and state senate districts.

The 20th Senate District was one in transition where Mexicanos were at the time barely outnumbering Jews. The race became wide open when Herschel Rosenthall, a Jew, could not run for re-election because of term limits. A very popular Mexicano by the name of Richard Alarcon, then a Los Angeles City Councilman, decided to challenge the Jewish domination of the senate district by declaring himself a candidate against the Jew Richard Katz . He won by a mere 29 votes but the bloody battle between the Jews and La Raza left a bitter aftermath that has had negative repercussions to this day.

The Jews are sore losers and they did not take the defeat graciously. They insinuated that Mexicans were racists and anti-semitic simply because we challenged them and beat them politically. They criticized Senator Richard Alarcon because he publicized, during his campaign, a very nice picture of himself and Catholic Cardinal Roger Mahoney. . . never mind that various Jewish publications in Los Angeles campaigned and had photographs of Richard Katz wearing Jewish kippahs while praying at Jewish synagogues.

The battle for the 20th Senate District in California should provide a very valuable lesson for La Raza. In our political struggle for self-determination, we can not assume the certain groups will be our friends. Jews have catered for our vote in the past but when it comes our turn to share in real political power, they will turn their face and become our enemies.

Since they are actually a very small percentage of the overall population, they are forced to utilize strategies, other than mere numbers to maintain control. A principal strategy is to utilize their vast supply of funds to manipulate the political system as they are presently doing in the race for mayor of Los Angeles. They are very adapt at manipulating the varied political interests as well as the interests of racial, ethnic and sexual preference minorities.

They have formed alliances with, for example, the Black community in order to put in check the rightful political emergence of La Raza as they did when a Jew/Black coalition elected Tom Bradley, the first Black mayor of Los Angeles. Later they formed an alliance with Republicans to elect Richard Riordan as the mayor. Jews are very good at formimg alliances with anyone as long it serves their interests . They play all sides of a fence, this way they guarantee that they will always be on the winning side. What they are doing now in the present race for mayor of Los Angeles speaks volumes as to the varied and effective strategies they utilize to perpetuate their political and economic power.

Sensing that Chicanos and Mexicanos have now become an increasing challenge that can no longer be checked with their traditional methods, they have now resorted to investing in the development and empowerment of a small cadre of "vendido hispanic politicos" that they can easily manipulate to carry out their policies. One of these "politicos" is Antonio "Tony" Villargairosa who is running for mayor of Los Angeles. Tony Villargairosa was recruited from East Los Angeles and appointed a Vice-President of the Jewish run American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU) which is led in southern California by a Jewish lady by the name of Ramona Ripston. Soon, with the guidance and funding of Jews, he became and Assemblyperson and eventually the Speaker of the State Assembly.

As Speaker of the Assembly, Villargairosa did nothing for La Raza. He is presently running under the "Education Banner" but the fact is that he did nothing in opening up higher education for the many deserving Chicano/Mexicano students who are now left without a future. He was a member of UC Board of Regents yet he never took a leadership role in changing their racist and ethnocentric policies. He was merely a "puppet" of Jewish interests in the Assembly.

A case in point is his relationship with Jews Ron Unz and Bob Hertzberg. Ron Unz is the wealthy Jewish Mogul who funded the successful passage of the anti-Bilingual Initiative that outlawed Spanish/English bilingual education in California's public schools. This has been a devastating defeat for La Raza yet Antonio "Tony" Villargairosa awarded Ron Unz with an appointment to an Assembly Blue Ribbon Commission. Later Ron Unz went off to Arizona and was instrumental in passing a similar anti-Spanish language initiative there. La Raza considers Villagairosa's actions concerning Ron Unz pure treason. We can not trust him as mayor of Los Angeles because we know that he will not represent our interests. One of his Campaign Finance Officers is Eli Broad which according to Fortune Magazine is the richest man in Los Angeles County and he is a Jew.

Another example of Villargairosa's Jewish collusion is his selling out of the Assembly Speakership to Bob Hertzberg. Bob Hertzburg is a Jewish Assemblyman that represents Assembly District 40. Assembly District 40 is one half of Senate District 20 that was won by Richard Alarcon during the bitter fight between La Raza and Jews in the district. The other half of Senate District 20 is Assembly District 39 which is predominantly Mexicano, and is represented by Toby Cardenas. Because of term limits, Villargairosa had to move on and instead of making sure that a Chicano/Mexicano would replace him as Speaker, he instead made a deal with the Jews and helped Bob Hetzberg become Speaker. This is a second act of treason for Villargairosa and more proof that he is simply a lackey for Jewish interests.

Our increasing population and voting strength will, in the near future, collide with the interests of the Jews in Alta California and for that matter in the other regions of Aztlan. Our increasing ties with our brothers and sisters in Mexico will also present a challenge for the American Jewish community. The Mexican Dual Nationality Program means that we now have the same status with Mexico that American Jews have with Israel. We are now in the position to question the over 8 billion dollars of our tax money that are sent to Israel each year and soon we will be in the position to remind the American Jews of their shoddy treatment of Mexico when the nation's UN Ambassador voted to equate Zionism with Racism.

La Raza has been intimidated, over the years, from bringing the above issues into discussion. La Voz de Aztlan has been the victim of censorship on the Internet because we have dared to dialogue on these matters. Hate e-mail we have received from Jews has demonstrated to us that they can be as bigoted as some white supremacists and their treatment of the Palestinians in Israel shows us that they can be as racist.

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