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Group is Concerned About 'Quality of Life'

Regarding the article on the seminar on illegal immigration run by the Sachem Quality of Life organization in a VFW hall ["Event Slams 'Illegal Aliens,' " Oct. 15]: Glenn Spencer was an invited speaker from California who is concerned about the growing problem in the Southwest that's destined to tear us apart.

The overwhelming increase in immigration is diluting the assimilation process.

Instead, burgeoning communities become alienated and in many cases pursue an agenda of never becoming Americans and ignoring our language and culture.

Unfortunately, our politicians and corporate heads treat the nation like a tourist town, catering to non-English-speaking immigrants. This exacerbates the problem, alienates immigrants, insults our culture and frustrates too many of us.

Quality of Life is not a racist organization. It's a group of concerned citizens who want to retain what little American culture the politically correct haven't thrown away.

Tom Dowdeswell

* * *

I was appalled to read in Newsday that, while protesting against undocumented immigrants, the head of Sachem Quality of Life was arrested for trespassing because she crossed a yellow police tape ["Vigil Rejects Racism," Oct. 16]. We should put this tape around our borders because none of these illegals has been arrested for trespassing in our country.

I empathize with the Farmingville residents who are trying to protect their most valuable possessions, their homes. By Newsday's own account, these undocumented immigrants live in dilapidated housing, 20 or more in a house. I am not a racist and I doubt these residents are. To be labeled such is unfair and just a tactic to silence law-abiding citizens.

How dare the politicians and religious leaders actively back these immigrants who disregard the law.

The residents of Farmingville should not be intimidated by the name calling (racist, NIMBY, etc.); rather, they should grow in numbers because this is happening in many communities. We must protect our laws, communities and borders. Every elected official who disagrees should be voted out.

Elaine Amoroso
Port Jefferson Station