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Compromise Likely in High-Level Prop. 187 Wrangle

Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross
Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Expect a ``compromise'' later this week in that fight between Governor Gray Davis and Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante over Proposition 187, the illegal- immigration measure passed overwhelmingly by voters but much later shot down in court as unconstitutional.

Had it stood, 187 would have barred undocumented immigrants from getting public education, welfare and nonemergency health care. Public employees, including teachers, were to report undocumented immigrants to authorities.

The governor, you may recall, kicked up a hornet's nest with Latinos when, rather than let 187 die as many Democrats wanted, he asked a federal appeals court to mediate the matter.

Things really got to be fun when Bustamante found his staff's parking spaces eliminated at the Capitol after he publicly groused about the governor's stand (or lack of it) on the issue.

Now comes word Davis will agree not to try to overturn the court's decision in return for Latinos dropping their own civil court challenges to 187.

``The mediation and the appeal will be dead,'' a source tells us. ``The judge's ruling will stand.''

``It'll be interesting to see how the governor spins it,'' our source adds, ``because basically he's doing just what Bustamante wanted him to do 120 days ago.''

The governor's folks wouldn't comment on the 187 deal, saying they'd talk once the final agreement is struck.

They were equally mum on whether the compromise includes any parking spaces for Bustamante.

WVCT Observation: Davis has proven to be a despicable traitor and enemy to The United States.