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Re: "Tuition Law Praised, Attacked"
NOTE: Not yet published by the L.A. Times as far as we know.

In response to the article:

"Tuition Law Praised, Attacked"
L.A. Times, October 13, 2001

Yes most of those that are praising this law are illegal aliens who have done one better than get something for nothing, they get something for free legally for doing something illegally.

The ones who attacked this law are the American citizens who have to pay for this travesty so Governor Davis can score points with the Hispanic community.

This is a fine example of government gone bad. Now if I want to send my son to college in California I will pay 3 to 4 times what someone who is legally not even suppose to be in the country in the first place. Is this insane or what.

No wonder California has 6 million illegal aliens.

James L
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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