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Re: "Tuition Law Praised, Attacked"
L.A. Times, October 13, 2001



Somehow I knew Davis was going to do it when I heard that Richard Riordan was outpolling him. All the stops were going to be pulled out to get reelected, and that means screw the Americans, lets make sure all the Mexicans vote for us - whether they are legal or not!

So he signs Firebaughs bill, making U.S. Citizens from any other state second class citizens in California. Amazing isn't it? We're in a WAR, and Davis is rewarding foreigners who have broken the law.

If a middle east war veteran comes home from Afghanistan, and he's from Oklahoma, but wants to go a California school, he will politely be told that "Your not from California, so you have to pay out of state". But an illegal - who could recently have arrived from Afghanistan, who's parents are terrorists on the run - will be welcomed with open arms, and given not just in state tuition, but even financial aid!

You say this can't be true? Then how do you explain 19 terrorists romping around our country, going to our schools, voting in our elections, being accorded all the rights of citizens and more?

Where can these "residents" go to school if not here? In their home countries, that's where. They and their families have stolen enough from the United States. They are not our citizens, they don't put their lives on the line in our military, they have no right to be here.

But not according to Gray Davis. The will of the Americans - expressed by their sovereign vote - doesn't matter to him. Only the needs of foreigners and terrorists.

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