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Re: "Tuition Law Praised, Attacked"
L.A. Times, published October 13, 2001



Hasn't Gov. Davis noticed that the United States is at war? The new reality means that government needs to reorganize its spending priorities away from the welfare state in order to protect our citizens. A senior member of the House Appropriations Committee "estimated that we would be spending $1.5 trillion dollars over the next five years on security measures."*

Even so, Gov. Davis chose to waste the taxpayers' money on tuition breaks for illegal aliens ("Tuition Law Praised, Attacked"). And in doing so, he is demonstrating that California still has business as usual for foreigners with no legal right to be here.

Just what does it take to convince Davis and others of his ilk that open borders kill? He is engaging in political pandering to immigrants when many Americans would like to see effective border enforcement and repatriation of illegal aliens to their true homelands.

D. Garcia
Berkeley, CA

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