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VCT to the Los Angeles Times

Re: Play Fair With Immigrant Drivers
September 20, 2000 - Commentary - L.A. Times

September 20, 2000

You say, "AB 1463 would affect many thousands in California who have applied for legal residency." Anyone can submit an application seeking residency. There is nothing in this law that says that the application was accepted as valid.

If a person is in the United States illegally they must return to their country of origin to apply for adjustment of their status. Illegal aliens may say they have applied for legal residency, knowing full well that the application will be rejected.

AB1463 says that a Taxpayer Identification Number may be substituted for a Social Security Number. Anyone, including illegal aliens, can get a Taxpayer Identification Number.

AB 1463 is an invitation to group of people who are known for their propensity to commit fraud to obtain fake ID's to do it IN THE FACE of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, who will, under the present Administration, more than likely act as co-conspirators.

When signed by Governor Davis, AB 1463 will be the official death certificate for California.

Glenn Spencer
Voice of Citizens Together

(As of the time this was posted on the VCT web site this letter had not been published in the L.A. Times)

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