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From The Border Solution Task Force

See Article on Cedillo's Next AB-1463 (California) Sham Attempt

Be careful of any amendments or any bills that would allow licensing of "illegal" aliens whose application or petition is pending. I see that Cedillo is regrouping to amend his bill "so it applies only to those who are in this country legally while their status is being determined". This "amendment" is only a back door ruse to allow illegal aliens to get driver's licenses. This is the way it works:

An alien who has been sent for deportation proceedings and who bonds out or who is released "O/R" is in the country legally while his status is being determined. He is in essence, an illegal alien who is not being detained.

Anyone who has had a "relative petition" (I-130) filed for him/her, whether it is fraudulent or not, is in the counry "legally" while status is being determined.

Any person who files a N-600 (application for U.S. citizenship) whether fraudulent or not is in the country "legally" until the application has been adjuticated.

An application for a "replacement" Alien Identification card (I-551) although the person never legally immigrated places the applicant into a "yet to be determined" status.

Application for Political Amnesty places the person into a "yet to be determined" status although the application is clearly bogus.

INS will accept any application upon the payment of fees. It makes no difference if the application or petition is clearly and prima-facie fraudulent or not applicable. The filing of any petition or application places the applicant or beneficiary into a catagory which would make the person eligible for a driver's license under Cedillo's new amendment.

All the illegal alien need do is file some sort of application and his status is "yet to be determined" under Cedillo's amendment.


As for the issue being a road safety issue, either they know how to drive and drive safely or they don't. Most of them don't drive safely with or without a license.

Dave Stoddard

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