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Oppose AB 1463 (The Illegal Alien Drivers License Bill)


Note: I just called Senator Hayden's office. I said that the Cedillo bill was part of the Mexican takeover of California. The woman who answered the phone said, "Well, it was theirs to begin with."

Glenn Spencer

VCT Web Posted 6/12/2000


Gil Cedillo

Assemblyman Gilbert Cedillo (labor's representative) is at it again. His illegal alien drivers license bill (AB1463) which passed the Assembly last session was held in the Senate Transportation Committee. The bill is on the move again and will finally be heard in committee on June 20, 2000.

In California a driver's license is the defacto ID card. Once in someone's possession it provides access to the state's work and welfare systems. The purpose of this bill is to weaken an earlier bill passed in 1994 which prohibited illegal aliens from getting drivers licenses.

The renewed effort by Cedillo is not surprising considering the illegal alien support given by labor since its decision to include illegal aliens in the union. This bill would tacitly allow illegal aliens to work in California despite Federal Immigration Laws prohibiting it.

There are 8 Democrats and 4 GOP members. Two courageous Democrats opposed it earlier. They are Chm. Betty Karnette and Sen. Jim Costa. We need their help again!!

Please call or write all the committee members immediately and tell them to vote NO ON AB1463 !! WE CAN STOP THIS IN COMMITTEE !!

Senate Transportation Committee:

California State Senate
P.O. Box 942848
Sacramento, CA 94248-0001

** Special Attention

Members Phone(area code 916) Fax(area code 916)
Betty Karnette(Chr.)** 445-6447 327-9113
John Dunn (Vice Chr.) 445-5831 323-2323
Jim Costa** 445-4641 327-5989 
Liz Figueroa 445-6671 327-2433
Tom Hayden 445-1353 324-4823
Kevin Murray 445-8800 445-8899
Richard Polanco 445-3456 445-0413
Jackie Speier 445-0503 327-2186
David Kelley 445-5581 327-2187
Dick Monteith 445-1392 445-0773
Bill Morrow 445-3731 446-9382
Richard Rainey 445-6083 445-2527