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Letter by fax to Governor Davis

Rewarding those who have no business being here


Governor Davis:

The first thing you did in your first budget was earmark tens of millions of dollars for prenatal care for illegal aliens.

The next thing you did was - after promising to uphold the will of the people - was to subject Prop 187 to some bogus "mediation" attended by only opponents.

The next thing you did was illegally kill Prop 187 by withdrawing the appeal.

Thanks to Providence, you vetoed AB1463 and AB1197, currently AB60 and AB540 by the same traitors.

You were afraid to veto AB60, so you demanded that Cedillo withdraw it. Will you sign it next year -- even in the face of the devastation to our country by terrorists with illegally obtained drivers' licenses? If so, you will violate the memory of our murdered people.

Now you wait and see about AB540. Will you veto AB540? Will you sign it? Will you do nothing so it becomes law? That's the same as signing it.

Terrorists were students. Do you know that Hezbollah cells operate in northern Mexico? How many have resided illegally in California for three years and attended high schools here? They've carefully planned their destruction of the United States.

Do you realize that all this information is circulating throughout the internet?

Are you so anxious to get Latino votes? They have shown their pattern - they will not vote for you as soon as there are enough of them to vote in one of their own.

Will you betray California and the United States? Or will you find it in your soul to be a patriot and veto AB540?

Name withheld by

From a patriotic American - compiled from the messages circulating throughout the internet, talk radio, and telephone communications throughout California and the United States.

Note: Later in the day Gray Davis signed AB-540. The bill allows illegal alien students to pay in-state tuition. Keep in mind that American citizens from other states must pay the higher out-of-state tuition rates. See Gray Davis' press release.

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