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October 4, 2001

Governor Gray Davis
1st Floor State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Davis:

Now is not the time to grant drivers' licenses to illegal aliens. We thank you for that. However, never is the time to grant drivers' licenses to illegal aliens.

The time to grant in-state tuition in California universities for illegal aliens is never.. Though they are residents of California, they are still illegal aliens.

Many of the terrorists who attacked our country were illegal aliens who came on student visas and remained after their visas expired. Mexico's National Security Adviser Adolfo Aguilar Zinser warned that terrorist organizations operate near Mexico's northern border, and Mexican newspapers confirmed that Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations are in Mexico collaborating with Mexican radicals.

While we do not assume that all students illegally present in California are terrorists, how do we know who is and who is not? We knew that the hijackers on September 11 claimed to be students.

Aside from the catastrophe last month, The Immigration And Nationality Act forbids harboring and forbids aiding and abetting persons illegally present in the United States. Are you so willing to ignore federal law?

In the Bradford Decision of 1990, a court clearly established that the Education Code 68062(h) precludes undocumented alien students from qualifying as residents of California for tuition purposes, and applied the preclusionary standard of the domiciliary provisions of the Immigration And Nationality Act (8 U.S. Code 1101 et seq.).

Accompanying this FAX is the WorldNetDaily article about terrorists south of our border.

Will you be a lawless governor?

Do you dare let AB540 become law?

Watch your political future dissolve.


Evelyn M.
Irvine, California

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