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AB-60 - Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens in California

VCT Web Posted 3/3/01

Dear Honorable Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal,

Regarding : AB60 from Assemblyman Gil Cedillo

Please vote NO on this issue.

As an Insurance Agent, with my office on 6th St in San Pedro, I am very much aware of the need for proper vehicle driving through our existing laws. I am also aware of the fact that in the past, many illegal aliens were duped into becoming pawns of various traffic setups or scams, so that a few dishonest lawyers & doctors would benefit, while the illegal aliens were risking their lives for very few dollars.

There were many highly publicized, deadly & tragic accidents resulting from these operations.

Fortunately this was curtailed by certain laws that were passed by the Public Initiative process, with the urging of the Department of Insurance in 1996. Along with other laws through your California State Legislature.

A simple way around these laws would be to have everyone be "legal" to drive. Thus regenerating the problem again - so a few unscrupulous lawyers & doctors can begin their 'preying' on the desperate & ignorant illegal aliens.

The greater problem of illegal immigration goes much deeper. But it is not too hard to understand when you side step the pro-active rhetoric for "No Borders" :

Mexico is hurt more by illegal immigration than the liberal organizations (i.e."No Borders") have looked at, or even want to know.

Mexico have lost some hard working citizens to the US - benefiting our low wage job needs, but sending 1/4 -1/2 of their money out of the US back to Mexico, that supposedly benefits their families left behind in Mexico.

But this only fragments Mexican families & communities with no father/mother or no leadership or long term community/family/economic development in their own neighborhood or Country.

This then causes the Mexicans to become even MORE dependent on US, instead of developing jobs/work & sustainable infrastructure in their own country.

In the US, with illegal alien money being sent to Mexico, it doesn't go to the communities that they live-in in the United States - thus you have run down neighborhoods, over crowding, higher crime, increased city & State costs, etc.

This is why illegal immigration is wrong. It doesn't work as a humane economic solution for both countries.

What if YOU had to work & live in Canada to make money?

You would have to send money to your wife & kids living where they live now, & You would have extra living expense living in Canada.

Will your kids grow up with you helping them? Will the community benefit from your presence where your family lives? ~~NO !

Does this help you understand it better?

It is a growing problem that cries out for solving.

And it requires brave, long term commitment to these clear objectives.

Thank you for consideration on this basic issue - please vote "No".

Name withheld by VCT
San Pedro, Calif.

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