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Undocumented people will continue handling without license in California

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San Diego, (Notimex). - Thousands of undocumented people will continue in California without licenses to lead in spite of the approval of the respective initiative of legislative law on the part of the state one and to the demands of organizations who request their application.

The law initiative that authorized the undocumented people to obtain licenses was approved in the assembly and the Senate, but the governor of California, Gray Davis, said to fear that terrorist they take advantage of the opening reason why he was advisable to wait for a year more.

The spokesman of governor, Steve Maviglio, confirmed that Davis " never saw the initiative approved by the legislature, never the countersignature ", and therefore it was without effect.

Now nevertheless one of the mayores Latin organizations in the country, the Bottom Mexico-American for the Legal Defense and the Education (Maldef), maintains that the initiative must take effect, because filled a state protocol that therefore allows it.

The proposal, in agreement with the lawyer of Maldef, H©ctor Villarga, " covered the requirements with being approved by the legislature and to remain during 30 days to consideration of the company/signature of the governor ".

The protocol, in agreement with Villarga, establishes that if the governor retains the initiative during 30 days this takes effect automatically, independently of that lacks the company/signature of the governor.

The proposal of the democratic member of an assembly, Gil Cedillo, given back to the assembly, maintains that tens of thousands of undocumented people in California for those who the Service of Immigration and Naturalization (WITHOUT) has maintained proceedings in process during years, need the licenses to develop normally.

They are migrantes, assured Cedillo, that they already have his life done in the country, that talks about to the United States like their home, and this is the only nation that really knows, and that loses opportunities to contribute to the society because they lack licenses.

Those arguments that were valid for state deputies and senators, nevertheless seem to have had less weight than the precautions to prevent abuses of terrorists.

Cedillo had impelled the last year another ampler law, than it would grant licenses to all the undocumented people, who also were approved by the legislature, but that the governor vetoed.

In the second version, Cedillo reduced the benefit only for the undocumented people with pending proceedings before WITHOUT, and also it was approved in the retired legislature but.

According to the author, it had to that the governor noticed that due to the priority of security against the terrorism, its proposal could again be vetoed.

" the tragic events of the 11 of September left a deep impact in our lives, and is in this context that after conferring directly with the governor we have decided to retain the initiative ", it said to Cedillo when explaining the retirement of the proposal.

Nevertheless, now that Maldef demand that the initiative is become attached to the protocol that authorizes it, the document office of the legislature, assured that the proposal was given back " by a typesetter error ".

The lawyer of Maldef said that her organization " demands that the reason is clarified for which let sign itself, because it can be more a fraud than of a typesetter error ".

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