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Illegal alien driver's license bill (California's AB-60)


NEWS ABOUT CALIFORNIA''s AB60 (Gil Cedillo - D-Los Angeles)

Assemblyman George Nakano (D-Torrance) is informing his constituents that AB60 requires that applicants for a drivers' license must provide proof of being a LEGAL IMMIGRANT. The actual bill analysis from both the Assembly and the Senate states: "This bill allows a person who has submitted an application for lawful immigration status to apply for a driver's license."

His letter to constituents says: "There has been some misrepresentation of the actual purpose of AB60. The bill was written to correct a provision in the law that prevents legal immigrants from obtaining their drivers' licenses. The bill states that any person applying for a license who does not have a Social Security number will be required to provide proof that he or she is a legal immigrant."

A caller from CCIR to Nakano's office asked about his letter. A spokesperson for him said that people applying are lawfully present, but their status might have "expired" or some other problem, and the INS is so backlogged that it's taking too much time.

The caller asked her what she's talking about. A legal immigrant is a legal immigrant, not one who is applying to be a legal immigrant! She came up with more psychobabble, and even said President Bush is pushing for legalization so AB60 might end up being moot.

When the caller spoke with (author) Cedillo's office, a spokesman said AB60 passed both Assembly and Senate, and Governor Davis has 30 days to sign the bill. He said they are putting on a radio marathon blitz on August 31 from 5AM to 5PM for support for the governor to sign AB60, and that the marathon will be on Spanish language radio stations only.

A "DON'T SIGN" AB60 MARATHON BLITZ CAN BE DONE AS WELL. Contact Governor Davis: Los Angeles Phone: (213) 897-0322; FAX: (213) 897-0319

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