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Re: Driver's License Bill May Be Law By Accident
L.A. Times, October 25, 2001

Illegals get Calif. driver's licenses? We, the people say NO!

GRAY DAVIS is far more than just a liar, he is a tyrant! Gray Davis has chosen to directly oppose a legally enacted mandate of his constitutant electorate, people he has sworn a solemn oath to faithfully represent, in order to represent invading criminal foreign nationals, who are legally precluded from having any form of government representation! Such actions are clearly defined as tyranny.

We, the people of California, are being forced, against our will, to financially support the illegal foreign invasion of our state.

I have contacted an attorney regarding the filing of civil rights charges against the governor. I have also written to attorney general of the US John Ashcroft and demanded that action be taken against Davis. The constitution guarantees to each state a republican form of government. In a republican form of government, ultimate power rests with the citizens eligible to vote. Yet Davis flippantly ignores his constutionally delineated responsibility in order to subjugate the very people he has sworn to represent.

I implore everyone to follow me and fight tyranny. This is one battle we can not afford to lose. Look at the death and destruction that was caused by a mere 19 illegal aliens on Sept 11. There are between 8-11 million more where they came from. Instead of rounding them up and kicking them out we're rewarding them with paid scholarships and drivers licenses!

This truly is the age of insanity.

Name withheld by

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