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Traitor Davis gives guns to illegal aliens


I suppose that other people might understand one of the implications of drivers licenses for illegal aliens, but they don't appear to be talking about it. And that is the identification requirement of California Penal Code 12071 for purchasing a firearm:

(c) (1) As used in this article, "clear evidence of his or her identity and age" means either of the following:

(A) A valid California driver's license.

(B) A valid California identification card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Note that no one said anything about proof of citizenship in the United States, a tiny little prerequisite. Illegal Aliens and non- immigrant visa holders (like Mohammed Atta) are prohibited from owning guns by federal law.

Of course, being law abiding people, they will undoubtedly never attempt to buy a gun. After crossing the border illegally, falsifying "documents", driving cars without drivers licenses and voting in whatever elections they feel entitled to (again, Atta did that), joining gangs and shooting up LA and Stockton, why would these law abiding citizens of other countries ever consider violating a federal law that probably only 1/2 of 1% of the country ever heard of? Right?

And of course, for gun store owners, there will never come a time when they can question a "Latino" looking fellow about his citizenship status. Nope, that would be "racial profiling" and we can't have that.

Undoubtedly when this gets tossed around Gray Davis and Bill Lockyer will tell us that they have the solution! Just make sure NO ONE can buy a gun, and that will solve it. Yup, the new America: where the rights of Americans are always subordinate to the needs of illegal aliens.

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