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Open Letter to Gray Davis on AB-60, AB-540

August 18, 2001

Governor Gray Davis
Capitol Building
Sacramento, California 95814

Dear Governor Davis:

As I watch and read Spanish language media (radio, television and La Opinion newspaper), I see continuous messages to "their constituents" to write to you in Spanish and English demanding that you sign AB60 (drivers' licenses for illegal aliens), AB540 (taxpayer subsidized university for illegal aliens) and other bills aiding and abetting illegal aliens. Assemblymen Gil Cedillo and Marco Firebaugh are obsessed with helping their invading countrymen.

These announcements are continuous. The people are urged to threaten that they will never vote for you in any future campaign unless you comply with their demands. Community based and national Latino organizations hold massive rallies where they hand out letters for people to sign. Obviously with this crusade you receive mountains of such letters and calls.

This is one letter urging you to repeat your veto two years ago of the two bills mentioned above and any others that reward lawbreakers. Those two and other legislators, along with illegal aliens waiting for their amnesty and eventual citizenship, will vote for Cruz Bustamante, not you.

People who violate our immigration laws by illegally crossing our borders/air and seaports and overstaying visas are criminals. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, remaining illegally in the United States is a continuing crime. I ask you to do what's right for California, not what is wanted by illegal alien lawbreakers.


Irvine, California

(submitted to the Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times as letters to the editor)

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