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Received by VCT 9/5/99

I got so angry when I read about SB-371, that I emailed the following to all 23 slugs who voted for this piece of garbage. It probably won't do much good, but at least I'm on record as calling a slug a slug.

"This refers to your shameful vote on SB-371. Whereas many issues are characterized by various shades of gray, illegal immigration isn't one of them. This relentless stealth migration is repudiated by our laws, by the facts, and by our

State Sen. Hilda Solis
Author of SB-371
people. Therefore, efforts to encourage illegal immigration by sneaky bills that provide driver's license eligibility to illegals once they've violated our borders are effronteries to sound public policy. Hopefully, your shabby vote will be seen for what it is, and become part of an overall populace wake-up call as to the kind of courage, dedication and clear thinking required by qualified state legislators.

Efforts to sanction driver's licenses for illegals represent a pact of shame between illegal immigration cheerleaders and unscrupulous employers who hire them. Yours is probably the result of being unable to stand up to pressure groups. Employers who hire illegals are simply greedy and immoral slugs. Your driver's license vote places you on a moral par with employers who hire illegals, as well as with the coyotes who smuggle them in.

It's probably never been part of your public fiduciary psyche, but have you ever asked yourself how the voters of California feel about licensing illegal aliens? That you don't give a damn is a given, I just thought I'd throw it into the hopper.

It's like Abe Lincoln said, "It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but can't fool all the people all the time." Illegal immigration can't be justified or defended by the facts, by the law or by the will of the people. And when Californians protest underhanded stunts like driver's licenses for illegals, you undoubtedly play the only card in your hand, the name calling card where epithets like "racist" or "immigrant basher" tumble effortlessly from well-practiced lips. I believe that context-less sound bites that can gust up to 150 wpm without addressing the issue are becoming more apparent to a betrayed electorate, and that judgement day before the entire California electorate may not be too far off. We sure as hell can do lots better than the 23 washouts who voted for this shameful piece of trash.

What's next, waving the mandatory automobile insurance requirement for illegal aliens?"

(Name withheld)