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Open Letter to Traitor Gray Davis

Traitor Davis and his sham reconquista laws



Dear Governor Davis: Re: AB 60

My apologies for this somewhat crisp message. Unfortunately the facts compel the thrust and tone of this missive.

In April 1999 you stated during a Sacramento press conference, that although you were personally opposed to Proposition 187, you felt "duty-bound" as California's governor to uphold the will of the majority. To wit, "If this were a piece of legislation, I would veto it. But it,s not. It,s an initiative passed by nearly 60 percent of the voters through a process specifically designed to go over the heads of the legislature and the governor. If officials choose to selectively enforce only the laws they like, our system of justice will not long endure."

No sooner had you pledged your fidelity to "our system of justice" then you hustled-off for your infamous rendezvous with all the major parties opposed to Proposition 187 to "mediate" the dispute and strangle the initiative. Only opponents of Proposition 187 attended, no proponents. I wonder why?

And now two years later it's déjà vu (maybe) with this alleged snafu, or "honest error" about driver's licenses for illegal aliens. I'm not tuned-in enough on Sacramento's silken wave lengths to detect high-level sandbagging as to whatever kind of deal you may have struck with Assemblyman Cedillo, but if a deal were struck, I'm certain it wasn't driven by fiduciary motivations. It's a huge leap from your actions concerning Proposition 187, to supporting driver's licenses for illegal aliens in this post-September 11 crisis. Specifically, you're now looking at the difference between skuzzy opportunism and unconscionable disloyalty to the United States.

As the L.A. Times stated, "The Vital ID Almost Anyone Can Get" can become a lethal weapon. As you well know, 7 of the 19 terrorists responsible for the deaths of 6000 Americans carried easy-to-get Virginia driver's licenses. Common sense and patriotism mandates that we must do everything possible to insure that terrorists don't have easy access key pieces of American identification, that in effect allow them important IDs that make it easier to hijack our airplanes and bomb our buildings, and perhaps next time bring in even more lethal weapons like germ and chemical devices, and eventually small nuclear devices.

All AB 60 does is disguise illegal alien legal status and make it easier for terrorists to kill Americans.

Whatever tunes your motor Governor, for God's sake do something this time just because it's the right thing to do. Forget politics and pleasing a supposed appreciative Latino constituency, which if the truth were known, is probably appalled by the stench of AB 60. Please tell Gil Cedillo to go to hell and take his shameful & disloyal legislation with him.


Michael S.

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