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Hi Most Honorable People --

Here's the letter I got from Senator Burton, President Pro Tempore of the
California Senate, collaborated by Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, pertaining to AB
407. This should put to rest the controversy and confusion about AB 407.
Kindly note the words hate crimes statutes, Unruh Civil Rights Act,
intimidation, violence, negative and racists perceptions and then tell me
this bill is only about housing.

State of California
Sacramento, California 95814

John L. Burton
President Pro Tempore

July 13, 1999

Robert Simmons
564 Appleberry Dr.
San Rafael, Ca. 94903

Dear Mr. Simmons:

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding AB 407 (Cedillo) which
would clarify that all people, regardless of their immigration status,
benefit from state law requiring equal accommodations, advantages,
facilities, privileges, or services in business establishments and are to
free from violence or intimidation under the hate crimes statute.

This bill addresses the concerns of many immigrants who believe that they
have been subject of negative and racist perceptions, attitudes and behavior
since the passage of Proposition 187. AB 407 clarifies that those
individuals are protected under the Unruh Civil Rights Act.

AB 407 is currently in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and I have not yet had
a chance to review it in detail. However, I will keep your comments in mind
when, and if, the bill comes before me for a vote.
Thank you again for sharing your concerns on this matter.

Peace and friendship,

John L Burton
President Pro Tempore

It amazes me that AB 407 which I believe is the most blantantly obvious
bill I've ever read, could be twisted into something that ignores the intent,
the wording, and is not to our self interests.

For all those braves souls out there printing those great newsletters, better
clean up your act or face jail time. While you're in the pokey, I'll
probably be in the next cell babbling that I've been screwed, blued, and

Immigration Control Advocates
San Rafael