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Letters to the Editor in San Jose Mercury

OPINION Published Saturday, August 7, 1999, in the San Jose Mercury News

Letters to the Editor

Davis betrays the voters on Prop. 187

YOUR recent article (Page 1A, July 29) mistakenly asserted that the era of "divisive politics" may be over because of Gov. Gray Davis' manipulation of an end to the lawsuit on Proposition 187, the anti-spending on illegal immigrant initiative.

This is like saying that King George III settled the question of sovereignty over the colonies and taxation without representation by instituting the Stamp Act. King Davis mocks 60 percent of the voters when he says he is carrying out the will of the people. Even the smile on Davis' face in the photograph accompanying your article oozes with contempt for this majority of voters.

The organizations fighting for respect of government for the citizens, and by the citizens, will fight for Proposition 187. To us, it is not about race or hate-mongering. It is about how our government should protect us from over-population and the inherent crime accompanying people who desperately break our laws of legal entry and participation in our society.

The ruling against 187 stands on the premise that only the federal government has authority to set policy regarding immigration, as it did in 1996 in restricting welfare benefits to illegal entrants. In supporting the ruling on 187, Davis does not want California law to govern how California taxes are spent. And yet he is willing to grant state money for pre-natal benefits to 70,000 expectant mothers who entered the state illegally.

This governor will not have it both ways for long. Divisiveness only ends when government is truly representative and redresses the grievances of its citizens.

Stephen Yurash
Board member, Immigration Reform Network of Silicon Valley Palo Alto

HOW dare Gov. Gray Davis overturn not only my vote, but several million other successful voters on the premise that his action will avoid a conflict? Is this legal or only a way for a spineless governor to get the problem of illegal immigrants off his plate?

My only hope is that Davis will be the first one to lose his comfy job to an illegal immigrant. Davis is giving my state away. I hope he is proud of himself.

D. O. Greenley
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