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Subject: FAIR Immigration Alert for California Activists

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 17:17:16 -0400
From: "FAIR"

This is an immigration alert from FAIR:

The Transportation Committee of the California Assembly is expected to approve a bill that would allow illegal aliens to obtain a valid California driver's license. Since 1994, all first-time applicants for a California license have had to show proof that they were legal residents. Call your Assembly representative immediately and demand that he or she vote against S.B. 371, in the full Assembly.

The current law works. It has prevented countless illegal aliens from obtaining the critical document they need for employment. There is no Assembly switchboard, but if you call (916)319-2856 and ask for your member by name, they will transfer your call. That's (916)319-2856. Also, call Gov. Davis at (916)445-2841 and demand that he veto S.B. 371, should it reach his desk. That's (916)445-2841. It is urgent that you call immediately and protest S.B. 371. Stop illegal aliens from obtaining California licenses.


Subject: Re: SB371 on Trans Comm Hrg on DRIVERS LIC: FAX# for letters Opposing
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 14:41:39 EDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Dear People,

I called Tom Torlakson (D-11--Martinez CA)'s office; he chairs the transportation committee. I spoke with Darrow Sprague, who says he opens the mail sent to that office and passes it all along; he suggested that people didn't get their complaints in by last Wed, the cut-off date. I told him I doubted that, but in any case he said if you FAX letters to the following number, he will see they get to the Committee (I would phoen him as well. By the way, does everyone have at least one of the phone company access numbers that bill 5 cents a minute to your local company bill for calls within CA? This is cheaper than my designated provider, so I am now dialing 1010948 before the 1 and the area code; there are others but I don't have them) Assemblyman Tom Torlakson FAX 916-319-2111 Office: Darrow Sprague, 916-319-2011

Good luck,