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Action Alert - Defeat SB371

August 21, 1999

Fellow Citizens:

Ass'yman GIL CEDILLO and Senator HILDA SOLIS are attempting to force DMV to issue driver's licenses and/or ID cards to illegal aliens. Putting these government documents in the hands of illegals is the same as giving a criminal the "keys to the vault"!

THE GOOD NEWS: Gil Cedillo's AB1463 was DEFEATED --- thanks to YOUR untiring efforts to effectively OPPOSE this legislation by your letters, calls, fax messages, etc.! We are advised there will be no further action on this bill until the first of next year.

THE BAD NEWS: Hilda Solis' blatantly fraudulent bill SB371 PASSED the Ass'y Appropriations Committee and will be heard by the full State Assembly some time after August 23, 1999. Current law requires that DMV verify the documents of all new applicants for a driver's license to insure they are in the U.S. legally. Solis' SB371 revokes that law as she says she does not want Japanese businesspeople to be "inconvenienced"! Also, DMV headquarters in Sacramento confirm that Japanese nationals can come here on a visa as many times year as they wish and their Japanese licenses are acceptable for driving on any street or freeway in California.

This is scam legislation as both Cedillo and Solis want illegal aliens to have this document which will force you to fund even more of their welfare, medical, housing, etc., enable them to take even more of the jobs which belong to American citizens, defraud legitimate businesspeople, etc..

Again, we must UNITE and FIGHT!

A) Contact YOUR Assemblyperson ASAP by phone, fax or registered letter. Urge they vote NO on this bill and advise you will remember how they voted when they come up for reelection!

B) EVERYONE - Please write, call, fax, e-mail, wire, send registered letters, etc. to GOV. GRAY DAVIS urging him to VETO this bill if it lands on his desk. His phone and fax numbers are noted below: Sacramento: PH: 916-445-2841 FAX: 916-445-4633 San Francisco: PH: 415-703-2218 FAX: 415-703-2803 Fresno: PH: 559-445-5295 FAX: 559-445-5328 Los Angeles: PH: 213-897-0322 FAX: 213-620-2365


Barbara Coe
California Coalition for Immigration Reform