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La Voz de Aztlan
Los Angeles, Alta California
April 2, 2001

MALDEF sends threat to La Voz de Aztlan over article on La Raza/Jewish Relations

Los Angeles - April 2, 2001 -(ACN) La Voz de Aztlan received a threat over the weekend from the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) because of an editorial published recently with the title: "La Raza and Jews on Collision Course in Alta California." A strongly worded message was sent by Thomas A. Saenz, National Senior Counsel of MALDEF that requested La Voz de Aztlan cease from publishing articles on Jews in California and in addition asked for a public apology for our comments previously published on the subject.

The message in addition stated that he had received a copy of private conversations La Voz de Aztlan had with Frank Quevedo, Vice President of Southern California Edison on the subject. Southern California Edison is presently under close scrutiny after 8 billion dollars disappeared from the state's treasury as a cause of the contrived electric energy crisis. The incident is significant in that it provides a perfect example of how Mexicanos in the Southwest have been historically censored by those who control the organs of mass communications in the country such as Eisner of the Disney Company. Other examples have been the assassination of Journalist Ruben Salazar and more recent the re-assignment of popular columnist Agustin Gurza of the Los Angeles Times to an area of the newspaper where his articles "will not threaten the status quo ".

La Voz de Aztlan has been under constant siege not only by white supremacist bigots but also by Jewish Nazis like Irv Rubin of Jerry Springer fame. There seems to be certain area of political and economic life that are off-limits to Mexicans. We are not suppose to ask questions on or discuss certain topics that La Voz de Aztlan believes are of extreme importance to the future of La Raza.

Problems with MALDEF began when their former Director of Education Programs, Lydia "Cohen" Camarillo, colluded with other Jews of the Democratic Party to deny La Voz de Aztlan press credentials to cover the Democratic National Convention that recently took place in Los Angeles. Lydia "Cohen" Camarillo, married to a Jew, was appointed because of what were described as her "big assets" to head the Democratic Convention Planning Committee when La Voz de Aztlan applied very early in the process for press accreditation. The required forms and request were sent to the proper Congressional Gallery in Washington D.C and when an inquiry was forwarded by the publication concerning the status, La Voz de Aztlan was informed that it had been sent to Lydia "Cohen" Camarillo's office for action. Calls by La Voz de Aztlan to Mrs. Cohen's office were referred to a Jewish woman who was extremely rude and disrespectful. In one instance, this woman hung the phone loudly in our ear. Needles to say La Voz de Aztlan was never granted press credentials. This is in contrast to the very respectful and considerate treatment of La Voz de Aztlan by the International Communications Press Agency of the Republic of Mexico when it granted press credentials to cover the President Bush/President Fox Encuentro in Guanajuato and by the Zapatitsta Communications Office when it granted La Voz de Aztlan press credentials to cover the historic Zapatista March into Mexico City.

Thomas A. Saenz of MALDEF sent the threatening message to La Voz de Aztlan because he was ordered by Frank Quevedo of Southern California Edison. Southern California Edison gives MALDEF quite a lot of money yearly through Quevedo. Quevedo has been on the MALDEF Board of Directors and has Jewish ancestry. There are many other in MALDEF that have very close Jewish connections including Antonia "Stern" Hernandez who has been the National President for MALDEF for many years. She is married to Michael Stern, an influential Jewish attorney in Los Angeles. Another MALDEF lady with very strong Jewish connections is Vilma Martinez. Vilma was also a MALDEF National President for many years and she is also married to a Jew. Vilma was appointed to the Board of Directors of Anhauser Busch which produces Budweiser beer. That is one of the reasons that we see so much Budweiser beer flowing freely during our Cinco de Mayo celebrations. This poison has been responsible for one major problem in our community which is acute alcoholism.

Sending "vendido" hispanics to do their dirty work is a favorite ploy of Jews in Los Angeles. Many Jewish controlled foundations and corporations fund some of our mainstream organizations but in return they expect that these hispanic organizations toe-the-line on their behalf. Some of the most visible hispanic organizations also receive very significant funding from the alcohol and tobacco industries. The "muertos de hambre" leaders of these organizations do not care about the damage these products are doing to our families.

Censorship of publications such as La Voz de Aztlan has grave consequences for our community. Those who want to maintain the status quo, which means keeping La Raza in a political and economic subservient condition, know that there are certain areas of "dangerous thought" that must be kept from emerging into general discussion. This is one reason why Chicano Studies in our colleges and universities have been rendered ineffective and diverted into the discussion of subjects that are trivial and of no consequence. La Voz de Aztlan, could not imagine, back in the early days of La Raza's struggle for self-determination , that one day MALDEF would be utilized as a tool to squelch the free discussion of issues that affect our political and economic future.

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