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Editor Los Angeles Times:

Re: "Taking the High Road With Underground Drivers"

by Agustin Gurza, TIMES, 9/19/00

Gurza may not be the silliest writer you have, but he comes close.

In his latest drivel, Gurza tells us, in essence, that because we have so many people breaking our laws by being in this country illegally and then driving illegally that we should just change the law to accommodate them.

How nice. Now, how about all the drug dealers and bank robbers? All they're doing is trying to make a living. Let's change the law for them. And, hey, while we're at it, what about all those murderers?

Way to go Gurza! You've figured out how to keep the crime rate low: just don't have any laws, or just don't enforce them. Say, that'd be culturally sensitive because that's the way it is in Mexico. Right? And we all know how advanced Mexico is. That's why so many Americans sneak across the border as illegal aliens to Mexico and why they drive on Mexican roads without driver's licenses. Yes. Let's make the United States just like Mexico where Gurza left his heart. Now if Gurza will just go find his heart and take his ass back there as well, we'll have one less silly writer at the Times.

(Name withheld by VCT)

(As of the time this was posted on the VCT web site this letter had not been published in the L.A. Times)

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